Friday, 31 October 2008


This week we looked at rendering an object in Maya. I had previously rendered my chair last year but was keen to learn more about the different textures and effects. I had never looked at the mental ray effects before and yesterday I discovered how effective they are. I am excited to learn more about the mental ray effects as i couldn't work out why some didn't work. i would say that my confidence with this part of the programme has grown. I want to be completely competent at modelling but find it very difficult and tedious to get the shape i want. I also want to experiment with lighting and camera positioning in Maya as well as getting better at the animation side of Maya and start using the graph editor to get more precise animation. I believe that learning Maya is essential in modern animation, I think my only problem with it is that it requires patience so il have to get use to spending alot of time creating exactly want I want. The end result certainly looks the most satisfying. Ultimately i would love to be part of the production team for a feature lengthy 3D animted film.

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