Monday, 10 November 2008

The Pitch: Designing the website

Over the last couple of weeks I have been developing web page designs. Using the logo and flow chart we were able to create a design for the website that reflects music, animation and an urban lifestyle. The layout of the pages combines the profile elements of facebook with the graphic style of 123 Klan. We needed to include design pages for each genre of music and animation`as well as a profile page for the user, an animated introduction to the home page, a registration page, a watching page (for users to watch a larger screen), a chat room for users to communicate and share music, animations and ideas. The user will be able to create there own profile dedicated to one or more genres of music. They will then be able to upload there own songs or animations so that they can be listened to on the users profile page. By using the chat room the idea is that musicians and animators can communicate with each other so that a musician and animator can work together to produce an animated music video. The user can also download animations and music from another users profile provided they have access and permission from the user to work on there music or video. Any completed music videos are then placed onto the genre main page where they can be viewed by anyone but not downloaded. Users then give the videos ratings, the video with the highest ratings and most viewed will appear on the short animated show.
For the designs i focused on urban lifestyle and graffiti. Each page includes the 2dchoonz logo as well as our edited city image and wall.
This is some designs in development. When the characters for each genre of music have been finalised they will be included.

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