Friday, 24 October 2008

Soundscape Project

This week I was able to complete my sounscape project. I started thinking about what I could create last week. I wanted to include a music soundtrack that could set the mood of the track as well as playing a vital role. In this case i used a garage soundtrack, by editing the base and treble on the graphic equalizer i was able to create the illusion of swithching rooms in a club so that the music volume and sound was different. After the microphone induction i was also keen to inlcude some of my own recorded sounds. I rented out a boom mike and spent an evening recording random atmos noises, foley sounds and music to see how they would sound. I leanrt that by pointing the microphone directly at something the recordings sometimes didn't sound right. For footsteps and doors closing the closer the microphone the more effective the noise was but for things like sirens and toilets flushing I held the microphone at tyhe same level as my ears to get a more realistic sound. Now that i had practiced using the M-audio and Boom mic i started writing down a sort of script for my soundtrack so that i would know what sounds to include and when to include them on the mix track. My idea was to follow a man through a club night, he goes to the toilet to take some cocaine then overdoses unexpectedly. I needed to include club atmosphere and people talking to place over the music track to gain a realistic club vibe. Most of the sounds on the soundtrack were downloaded from the free sound project website but alot of the more specific sounds like the man racking up lines of coke were recorded by me. Sound List:
Club Atmos (recorded)
People Talking (recorded)
Garage music track (downloaded)
Bold sound 1 and 2 (downloaded)
Door creek (recorded)
Door slam (recorded)
Door Knock (recorded)
Police sirens (stereo)
Vomit (downloaded)
Urination (downloaded)
Heart beat (downloaded)
Heart monitor-Flat line (downloaded)
Heavy breathing (downloaded)
Coke Card (recorded)
Sniff (recorded)

Before starting this project i thought i would really struggle with the program and getting the correct sound i wanted but the audition refresher workshop really helped and i enjoyed making the track and now feel confident using audition. I look forward to editing the dialogue track.

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