Monday, 20 October 2008

The Pitch.

Over the last week i have been coming up with ideas to pitch to the BBC. In a group of three we combined are ideas. All of us wanted to do something that involved the music industry. We took a week to start coming up with initial ideas that could be pitched to a television channel like 4Music or MTV. I came up with the idea of an animated spoof version of Music celebrity news. I got from inspiration from the well known animated series 2D T.V. I went back to discuss this idea with the rest of the group. We brought all of are ideas together and decided to take an interactive approach and create a website where musicians can upload there own music and animators can then take the song and create an animation to it so that both the musicians and the animators can get there work out over the web. We also started generating ideas for an animated television program that could show one of the songs along with an animation. The program would be a series of short episodes showed every week either on a music channel or as part of another television program such as T4.
This idea requires us to come up with design ideas for the characters in the television program, website design and the style of the television programme. The style needs to be consistent so that the website and program are both recognized as being linked to each other. We discussed how the website would work and decided that each member would have to log on and create a small profile, alot smaller than that of My space or facebook. They can then upload animations and music, rate other animations and join in with discussions with other members. The site is available to everyone but i think the main target audience would be over 13s. We want all types of animation and music so all the different music tastes are portrayed through the character designs.
In terms of the style of the website and program we started looking at vector motion graphics and drew some really good ideas from a website called, the website uses small simple flash animations of characters and locations to get across its urban style.

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