Thursday, 28 February 2008

Ident project development of ideas

Right! So i decided that my ident is going to be a mixture of live action and animation. How do i go about this?
I firstly needed to come up with a story and setting. I began getting some inspiration from music and television. We were told that the ident should include an upbeat soundtrack that could appeal to a student audience. I began listening to rock, house, trance, garage, indie, hip hop and all other popular styles of music. I watched tv to help me generate more ideas and one advert stuck out from the rest. The Vauxhall Corsa adverts basically tells the stories of small characters in the real world. I wanted my idea to be similar to this, including little characters that reflect student lifestyle in their image and personalities.
I am a student so research into lifestyle wasn't that challenging. I began taking on board my everyday experiences and trying to merge them into my ideas for the ident project. I was incredibly fortunate to of have an amazing weekend that ultimately sparked the idea for the ident. In student life there are a variety of different people who all come from different backgrounds and social groups. For example Emo's, Grungers, Townies, Chavs, Hippies, and the sporty types to name a few. Im aware that not everyone fits into these categories and it is very judgmental to start categorizing someones personality. However everyone is able to identify with the groups and recognize the differences in music preference and fashion. I decided that my characters should represent different social groups and interact with live human versions of them. As i began developing the idea further i realized that the appearance of the human character wouldn't matter because their personality could be represented through the small animated character. I then began coming up with idea of how i could hide the personalities of the human characters. In preparation for a rave i had bought myself a boiler suit and mask a perfect way of hiding your identity i then decided that my live action characters would all wear boiler suits and masks. There is also a hidden meaning behind the boiler suit and the small characters that students could identify with.
So now I had my characters designed all i needed was a background. I began looking around Falmouth for locations to film and only found a few really good spots. I later decided that the background could just be animated or created as a still graphic in Photoshop. I began sketching ideas and playing around with images in photoshop till i thought i had developed enough ideas to come of with a finished background design. Now that all the ideas are finished i need to animate it. I think that i will animate the characters in Flash as 2D characters and edit the film in Premier

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What have you learned the most in producing your ident?