Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Flash animation

After doing the chair in maya i found the flash lip sync project quite tedious and boring. It was interesting to learn a little bit more about the software and learn the mouth movements for certain sounds and letters.
it was the first time i had ever used sound with an animation. Adobe audition is a brilliant program that enabled me to edit my sound so that i had the best quality voice for my character and a crackling police siren in the background as well as a quiet garage tune being played through the car radio.
When it came to lip syncing i had forgotten to change the imported sound into a 'stream' from an 'event' therefore i found it quite hard to make the lip sync look good in the actual movie clip of the animation. After realizing this i changed the sound import to a stream and began going back over the lip sync making corrections which became very frustrating.
I did enjoy using the tablets to draw with on Flash. i created my background on Photoshop by getting photographs of main places in the area i grew up and layering them on top of one another. by doing this it added to my characters personalty.
I think that if i enjoyed doing the project more then I might be swayed towards the 2D side of animation however at the moment i am excited about developing ideas for the up and coming projects and hope that i can use a range of 3D animation techniques.

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Andy Wyatt said...

There is no shame in not liking 2d, and I am thrilled to see you are taking a real interest in CGI. I'm glad the early computer films I showed you were inspiring. I'm looking forward to seeing from more Maya work from you...may be in the Ident project? How do you think seeig some of the early computer films will influence your own work?