Thursday, 28 February 2008

OSTN ident project initial ideas

I was extremely pleased when receiving the ident project. It would give me a chance to use my creativity and own methods of animation. I began researching into similar idents for E4 and Nickelodeon. These channels have a similar target audience as the student television network so many of the idents were a good reflection of how i wanted my ident to look.
After taking a keen interest in 3D animation my initial idea was to produce a 3D animation for the ident. I wasn't sure how i wanted to do this but many of my thoughts revolved around a 3D finished product.
I began looking at the design of the OSTN logo and started coming up with ideas that represented the colours in the logo. I think it is important that the ident is closely linked to the design of the logo because the channel is new and any ident, advertising and design should clearly represent the channel. E4 idents work in a similar way. The majority of the 'e-stings' all include the colour purple, the colour of the E4 logo.
I began exploring the options i had by creating mood boards that included the colours blue, green, yellow and orange. By mind mapping and bullet pointing things associated with these colours and student life i was able to generate a lot of ideas. One of my first ideas was to have the four colours interfering with everyday student life. For example a student type character could be walking along the street when a drop of colour lands on his shoulder, or a bar maid could be pouring a pint that is green. After i came up with these ideas a began looking into the idea of mixing animation with live action. I could have the students and background as live action and the colours animated in after effects then layered over the live action. I was inspired by the Roger Rabbit film, The Last Action Hero, Space Jam and an episode of The Simpsons where the mixture of live action and animation is really effective.
I would then need to take into account filming, actors, lighting, sound and location. I began coming up with more ideas using live action and animation. My strongest idea was to have live action students interacting with animated characters. I quickly began developing this idea.

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