Monday, 14 April 2008

Finished Ident

The completed ident isn't exactly how i imagined it to be. Unfortunately I didn't manage my time as well as a should have done therefore had to cut some corners in order to meet the deadline. If I had planned it better then the characters in my ident would move more therefore expressing more emotion. I used windows movie maker to edit the film so that it appeared black and white and slightly older looking. I rejected the boiler suit costume idea because the uniforms were practically see through and didnt look as good as i wanted them to on camera. The location I chose was good bacause it allowed the human characters to walk forward easily therefore i was able to increase the size of the animated characters easily as they move towards the camera. I enjoyed doing the project and look forward to learning more about 3D animation so that i can practice this in my upcoming projects.

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Andy Wyatt said...

Some good thoughts here, and I think you have learned how critical time management is in animation.