Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Character Design, Concept Art

A design Bible and good portfolio are the key to getting an idea off the ground and noticed by studios. I felt it was important that I had neat copies of character designs and poses as well as concept art. Concept art would be key in pre production stage of the animation. The colour scheme, style and mood of the piece should be reflected through the concept art. Although my production will be in 3D I painted concept pieces and character designs in Photoshop. I plan to then build my 3D models from the initial drawings and measured turnarounds. Because of the festival theme I decided to focus on a greenish colour scheme with exception to novelty festival props and lights from the stage. I watched the Pearce Sisters animation and really liked the green colour scheme they had decided on for the characters and inside their home. Ideally would of liked to produce an animation using a similar technique to the Pearce sisters, a mixture of 3D animation with painted frames giving it a 2.5 Dimensional look.

click link to watch The Pearce Sisters

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