Thursday, 5 June 2008

The Library : animating the lazer sequence

After completing the lipsyncing animation i was asked to animate a lazer sequence for another group. I was given a sequence of shots that were produced using 3D modeling software however i had complete freedom in what program i used to create the animation. I began playing around with Photoshop after sketching some rough ideas of what i wanted a lazer beam to look like. I realised that using a simple gradient in photoshop would result in the illusion of light. I began creating the laser and animating the movement of it and the lighting behind it and around it. It almost appears to glow green when it moves across the screen. I also had to animate a cross being burnt onto the side of a book shelf by the lazer. Using similar methods i managed to create a light effect in photoshop that makes the cross appear to glow orange when the lazer connects with the bookcase. i really enjoyed doing this because i had been getting usd o the program and really improving in terms of spped and understanding of the software. I look forward to gaining a better understanding of all the prgrams i have worked with this year and produce some professional looking animations next year. The laser scene:

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