Monday, 12 May 2008

Group project: Pre Production.

The session we had on the structure of an animation studio and pipeline helped me to gain a better understanding of the importance of the roles. I hadn't realized that there were so may areas in animation and found it really interesting researching the role of a sound designer. I hope to be able to practice with sound in animation as it is a whispered truth among animators that 70% of a films impact is down to the sound.
I was excited to receive a project that involved a team of people. This way the group could be split into pre production, post production and production teams. I prefer the creative side and idea generating side of animation, this would include things such as character design, writing and story-boarding therefore i chose to be part of the pre production team.
Our assignment looks at interviews with Falmouth university students. However it is our job as animators to create funny interpretations o what the students say. So far we are in the initial idea stages. The majority of are ideas are influenced by the Aardman production 'Creature Comforts'. Because the interviews are in no way funny the character design, interpretation of the interview, backgrounds and body language of the characters is crucial to creating a humorous final film. I am currently working on character designs for a Gladiator dolphin and a Fascist Dog.

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