Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Maya: Introduction

Maya is a new software to me, I have never used it before. I knew that it would be complicated at first and that would never have the patients to learn software like this without a tutorial. At the beginning of the tutorial I knew nothing but after repeating some of the same tasks i found that it became easier and could see how maya is essential to modern day 3D design and animation. Maya reminded me of a piece of design software call pro desktop. Both the programs digitally build three dimensional shapes. I noticed some similarities between the two, however pro desktop is more to do with product design. I wasn't familiar with any of the terminology in the maya program but i gained confidence throughout the session and was comfortable experimenting with the shapes of the pillow and chair. I found the lighting part of the exercise one of the most significant it made such a difference to the rendered image. It gave the chair character. I will have to think about the lighting and shape of my own chair so that a strong character and personality can be seen. 3D animation is definitely i field i would like to go into so i look forward to learning more about maya.

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Andy Wyatt said...

I think you should explore lighting and the huge effect it can have on the atmosphere of a scene. Compare the lighting for example in live action films. A good knowledge of film lighting will really help when creating 3d scenes. As you say it also helps create character.