Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Story- boarding: "Blackbird"

I was really interested in producing a storyboard for a music video it was an ideal project for me. I had enjoyed producing storyboards before but had only drawn them for film direction and shots. Coming up with a pitch style storyboard would mean that I would need to take a more artistic approach and consider the style of animation and reflect this in the storyboard design. I decided to base my storyboard on the Beatles song Blackbird and build a story around the interpretation of the lyrics. People believe that the song was about the Black civil rights movement and the Riots in the Sixties. My story was based around a Black bird characters journey through time from the 60s to the recent election of President Obama. I used symbolic characters such as Black panthers and American bald eagles as well as strong Propaganda poster style graphics for the Background. I want the actual animation to be done in a POP art style similar to the comic book style of pop artist Roy Lichtenstein this way the storyboard can be easily red and the American theme can be represented. The finished storyboard was mounted on black card but I want to digitally edit the storyboard to give it a more professional look. This is an example of the animatic along side the song:

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